Love for you

Love for all

It is upon love

We rise and fall

Loving you

Loving me

With purest love

There’s dignity


Missing You

Miss you already

Before I’ve had the chance

Miss you deeply

Even in advance

Miss you forever

Forever and a day

Miss your near presence

In each and every way

Miss being near you

You’re not near enough

Miss your familiar touch

I know we’ll all hang tough

Miss you ‘til we’re together again

I know that will come soon

Miss your kind compassion

Our feelings for each other

Always over the moon

Who Are We

Who we are


We are who

We were raised to be


With added learning you see

To become you, to become me

Life lessons

Start with Mom and dad

Then broaden from

Relationships we add

Learning what to keep

What to add


What to throw on the heap

Satisfaction with self

Not smugness, but just


As in a return to routine or habit

As in, it’s good to be back

As in,

Why’d I ever stop?

I have rediscovered

I have again uncovered

The need to be

Not Only Naive

I’ve begun to delete

Thoughts replete

About our current situation

I cannot stand

For I want no hand

In ruining our great nation

It is with regret

I’ll no longer let

Them ruin my elation

I must try to be

The truest me

And use my imagination

For how to repair

Love, nation, air

And our once fine reputation

I’ll now take my leave

A quite fine reprieve

But with no indignation

I look toward the skies

Hoping we will all rise

Restoring us to our foundation

A melting pot

For those who have, and not

Let love be the culmination

‪Humble Curiosity‬

I am humbly curious

For how we’ve come to this

This point in time

Of fearfulness

And ugliness

And distress

What a mess

But I am willing to hear

Some other address

How we can coalesce

To return to the best

For you, me,

All humanity

Let us see

How good we can


Coughing Fit (A Gift)

The unfortunate thing

Is being awake at 4AM

Not by design


At least

Not one of mine


Now I have time

I wouldn’t have



To forge new words

Into being something

They wouldn’t have been


Forming a thought

Into Poetry

‪The Beautiful Game‬

The beautiful game

More than in name

A beautiful show

Of collaboration aglow

Played with grace

And artistic flair

Ball to empty space

Then receiver is there

Advancing forward

Out on the pitch

Bringing fans toward

That every four year itch