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You support us

We support you

Being part of a community

It’s what you do

Without 1 another

Tough 2 succeed

Support the need


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Humanity is best

Helping others

While getting no rest

Hoping, lessons learned

Trust in each other

Rightly earned




Climate change

Continues to be.


Or so they named thee

Creating great uncertainty.

Attention paid

No, best plans laid,

Open and wrecked, devastated

To placate the monied, the power hungry,

And those related

“Give me your tired, your poor”

So our inept in charge can shut the door

Keeping the disadvantaged

under the spell

Not even realizing

their living hell

Whether it is keeping them together

In neighborhoods, low-lying in bad weather

Or financially oppressed

In a tight chain or tether

We who care must be heard

Be obsessed

Without violence

Voices heard loudly


Above the din of silence


Our Volunteers

We have them out the wazoo

Without them

We couldn’t, do what we do

Hundreds of them

Give us innumerable hours

What do they have?

Extraordinary powers

They walk, talk, deliver,

Provide solace 

They have grace, panache

And yes, even polish

Our organization is, as good as it is

Because our volunteers give such service

What a gift they bring,

To our community

Helping promote goodwill,

Health and unity

So if you haven’t already done – so

Take the time to thank one – go!

Our volunteers, much like the plant variety

Send out new roots,

Enhancing society

So, bringing an end to these lines of poetry

Without each one of YOU

Where would we be?