‪Humble Curiosity‬

I am humbly curious

For how we’ve come to this

This point in time

Of fearfulness

And ugliness

And distress

What a mess

But I am willing to hear

Some other address

How we can coalesce

To return to the best

For you, me,

All humanity

Let us see

How good we can



For Kristen and Connor, and Michael, and André

I cried yesterday

At least three times

So did another very dear friend

The finest kind

She wasn’t our daughter

But that of another

Catching our tenderness by surprise

Just like no other

Those moments come upon us

Seemingly out of the blue

No they aren’t unexpected really

They come from our love for you

I write this poem at four in the morning

Awake but for the glow

Hoping this piece captures

The love for someone you know

A Renewed Dawning

I seek to be inspired

Not mired


Not tired.

No instead I aspire

to raise higher

and higher,

removing the ire

I at times get

from every liar

and crier

that some admire.

I perspire,

staying out of the crossfire

to retire

those who conspire

to acquire

the entire


Yet I’ll continue as a spitfire

holding the feet of those

most do not desire

to the fire

so that the entire

compassionate citizenry does not tire

and instead preaches to the choir.

That we are the rectifiers

and fortifiers

creating force multipliers

so that the next occupiers

of government that we hire


to be purifiers,


and magnifiers


dignity for all.

This Important Portmanteau

Juneteenth, today

A portmanteau

Two plus years delayed

For those needing to know

The Emancipation Proclamation

Was signed January 1, 1863

Yet there were still

Slaves in our nation

In Galveston on June 19, 1865

When they found out they now

Had new possibilities to thrive

There were many obfuscators then

There are many present here and now again

Hiding the truth to keep false power

Is the present the time that’ll end their hour

Those who treasure humans being

Must fervently protest what they’re seeing

Only unity can resist this scourge

Help our society disengorge

Then support the rising of those of us

Toward whom a powerful few show disgust

We are but one humanity

So must come together to avoid further calamity.

Busy Humans Doing What?

I’m busy being human,

As a human being.

Can’t be bothered by this mess,

This ugliness I’m seeing.

Why can’t it all go away?

It might if I close my eyes.

If we each don’t pay attention,

Then what are our alibis?

Human dignity, in fact humanity

Is surely what’s at stake

How long must we all endure

Before our society surely breaks

Almost all of my words shared here are unplanned, meaning not worked on for other then the morning I start writing. Obviously these thought percolate in me and come to the surface, though they often surprise me. Not so much in the sentiments but rather in the combination of words, phrases and rhymes. Thanks for reading.

My World Is Love

My world

Contains torrents of love

Spread to the ends

Enveloping the


In warm heavy mist

Covering the ground

Like the desert alive with blooms

After that rare quenching rain

Love is the air

I photosynthesize

A life from

Not A Dream

If I am having a dream

I’d want it to better for all

If I create my reality

For all, great and small

I’d want it to be beautiful

And just

I’d want the real reality –

I must

Insist on equality and justice

For all

Not those qualities for just us

Behind a wall


Extirpation of

The administration

To save our nation

As this

Attempted extinction

Of democracy

Is making U S a distinction

A mockery

Amongst the

Multitudes of those looking

To be liberated

And the power-hungry

Not sated

Have we


How we’ve