kNOw more

We must kNOw more

and be silent NO more


Putting This Aside

All politics aside

How do we thrive

Stay alive inside

No hide

Or claim

I’m beside


Hiding on a shelf

Like the that little red elf



It’ll all go away

We can stay out of the fray


And everyday

Then we say

I’m better than them

I don’t hate Muslim

But that’s all you do

Then you say phew

That got me off the hook

I can turn away, not look






Fight through

Do what you can do



Help all humans



Be alive



Thanks to Bow

“Right before the future

Just beyond the past.”

There are thoughts that perish

And those too that last.

This quote speaks of the present

For isn’t this all we’ve got?

“Right before the future”

Just went whizzing by

Its now become the past

In the wink of an eye.

“Just beyond the past”

Is what just was was

That briefly was the present

But not now and just because

The passage of time is constant

Never ceasing for a rest

Time does no stopping

Even at our behest

We shall make the best

Of the time that we have now

Use it wise and optimally

And dance on electron moonbeams

Or way out on the prow

So we sail through this present time

“Right before the future”

The winds of fortune are aligned

Just beyond the past”

Indeed we must Proceed

Some would ask, “How can we proceed, in light of what just happened?”

In light of what?

Just happened.

There will always be something that “Just happened.”

In light of what just happened, we must proceed.

Proceed with what?

Removing rights for which

our forefathers fought?

If, in these present times

that does make sense.

Then this is where I reside

On that side of the fence.

What Use, Words?

Words are trapped inside

Words are feelings

we think we hide

But no they’re not hidden deep

They come out at times on the cheap

Better to say them

Even better to write

Words darken days

And make nights bright

Words take flight upon the trades

And bring small minds in to tirades

They must be said

They must be read

They do bring life to

Ideas once thought dead