Limerickian Trumpervious

We’re stuck with this “President” named Trump.

Who’s making this country a dump.

His cronies they passed,

Great tax relief, my ass!

I hope we soon get rid this chump!


She Has Always Known

She reaches out

Pulls it near.

Hugging gratitude close to her heart.

She moves lightly and with joy,

Dancing with gratitude.

For gratitude is the best partner now.

Life being good for so many reasons.

There has been so much for which;

To dance for,

To hug closely for,

To be grateful for,

Everything in this life has had magnificence to offer.

Bringing her to this magical present.

This is the only way to get here.

Who We Are

Racialized in our society

Or being socialized in sobriety,

Or drunken ugliness

That leads to this mess

I must confess

To help redress

My part in the

Lifetime of our nation


I wish we were all hypnotized

And it was all humdrum

To see that

It’s better we change racialized

In my, your, their eyes

That we instead become humanized

And come to realize

That we can apprise



There is but one race




Lets slow down

Look around

See the

Beings that are

Humans making




Disintegrate trust

Disinterested in the truth

Disgusting displays of power

Disinterred racist ugliness

Distinguished foreign leaders

Distinctive false statements

Disingenuous concern

Disastrous ten months

Discombobulate the masses

Disillusioned voters

Dishonest leadership

Distasteful statements about immigrants

And others

Distrust in the truth

Dissolution of representative discourse

Dissipation of values and morality

Distancing myself

As much as

Disparate thoughts allow

For Terry

We see with our eyes

We see in our minds

What we envision

Arrives just in time

Pictures at the exhibition

Picture this

In your mind’s eye

You create bliss

You have vision seeing

What’s before you now

You have vision seeing

The future somehow

Seeing is believing

But believe what you see

We’re all of the same makeup



Words delight

Word slice through

Left and Right

Words on the page

Can convey rage

Words show love

And tenderness

Words give hope,

Explain distress

Words are thoughts,

Visual representations

Words unspoken

Are still creations

Words thought, but as yet unshared

Are words in our psyche, still ensnared

Words help heal

The troubled, infirm

Words spoken without thought

Can make us squirm

Think about the words you use

Those words once out

Might disabuse

You and me and many more

Of things that most abhor


With words written on a page

And those spoken without rage

Reasoned discourse, real dialogue

Truly listen to each other

Don’t be a cog

On the wheel of some false visionary

Let’s use words – complimentary


To be me

To be free

To be part of this


To see

Truly see

What we’re supposed to be

Not part of Illegitimacy