There’s a reason

Those who can’t see on

The face of it

All the obvious bullshit

Yet he wants to split

With allies now foes

Who knows where this goes

We are in the throes now

Of a president who kowtows

To his puppet master

Whom our agencies identified faster

As meddling in our sovereignty

But the purported man of pee pee

Has no actual dignity

Or ability to lead

We all should take heed

Lest our nation’s bleeding be

The last drops of democracy


Not Only Naive

I’ve begun to delete

Thoughts replete

About our current situation

I cannot stand

For I want no hand

In ruining our great nation

It is with regret

I’ll no longer let

Them ruin my elation

I must try to be

The truest me

And use my imagination

For how to repair

Love, nation, air

And our once fine reputation

I’ll now take my leave

A quite fine reprieve

But with no indignation

I look toward the skies

Hoping we will all rise

Restoring us to our foundation

A melting pot

For those who have, and not

Let love be the culmination

A Renewed Dawning

I seek to be inspired

Not mired


Not tired.

No instead I aspire

to raise higher

and higher,

removing the ire

I at times get

from every liar

and crier

that some admire.

I perspire,

staying out of the crossfire

to retire

those who conspire

to acquire

the entire


Yet I’ll continue as a spitfire

holding the feet of those

most do not desire

to the fire

so that the entire

compassionate citizenry does not tire

and instead preaches to the choir.

That we are the rectifiers

and fortifiers

creating force multipliers

so that the next occupiers

of government that we hire


to be purifiers,


and magnifiers


dignity for all.

Do Humanity

I wept on the way to work today

Hearing the latest news.

Thinking, is there any way

To survive these humanity blues?

At times I’d like to turn it off

No longer listen, or watch, or read.

But then I might just miss or scoff

On knowing what humanity needs.

So I’ll stay connected

In my own way.

Be a humanity fan,

And where necessary,

Keep protected

Every human being human.

Busy Humans Doing What?

I’m busy being human,

As a human being.

Can’t be bothered by this mess,

This ugliness I’m seeing.

Why can’t it all go away?

It might if I close my eyes.

If we each don’t pay attention,

Then what are our alibis?

Human dignity, in fact humanity

Is surely what’s at stake

How long must we all endure

Before our society surely breaks

Almost all of my words shared here are unplanned, meaning not worked on for other then the morning I start writing. Obviously these thought percolate in me and come to the surface, though they often surprise me. Not so much in the sentiments but rather in the combination of words, phrases and rhymes. Thanks for reading.

They try to shake us up

US being those with compassion,

And love, and empathy

For every human

Being human

Doing what we all do,

Try to make a better life

For our loved ones

They do NOthing with






Lying, placing the blame


Has many forms

The Choice Is Hope

However you choose

You do have a choice

Whatever your choice

Use your true voice

Choose to do right

I’ll stand with you

To fight

Choice is within

Let this begin

My hope is herein:


You Can Do It

Community improves

By you improving it

Turn it to gold

Sometimes from shit

Start with you

Always do

Then don’t just start to vent

Instead find good citizens

And compliment,

Recognize publicly for good deeds

Let others know how they’ve

Met our needs

This is a way

To turn things around

And make things better

In every town


Extirpation of

The administration

To save our nation

As this

Attempted extinction

Of democracy

Is making U S a distinction

A mockery

Amongst the

Multitudes of those looking

To be liberated

And the power-hungry

Not sated

Have we


How we’ve