Has perversity


Even dignity

It cannot be

Changed, history

But we

Can change destiny



Or hastily

So we can




Therapy 022217

Therapy, where would we be without therapy?

I know what you’re thinking and it could be that.

But it isn’t necessarily what I’m thinking but it could be that.

I am an Occupational Therapist, since 1991

A profession which has brought me so much fun

And challenges and love and compassion

Meeting and caring for new patients

and sometimes just clashing

But mostly connecting, learning about their life,

their livelihood, their passion their health status

what they fashioned

To make themselves who they are up to the present

Sometimes their afflictions are what they resent.

So in closing, I could be nowhere without this profession

Grateful to have discovered and used my discretion


Our Volunteers

We have them out the wazoo

Without them

We couldn’t, do what we do

Hundreds of them

Give us innumerable hours

What do they have?

Extraordinary powers

They walk, talk, deliver,

Provide solace 

They have grace, panache

And yes, even polish

Our organization is, as good as it is

Because our volunteers give such service

What a gift they bring,

To our community

Helping promote goodwill,

Health and unity

So if you haven’t already done – so

Take the time to thank one – go!

Our volunteers, much like the plant variety

Send out new roots,

Enhancing society

So, bringing an end to these lines of poetry

Without each one of YOU

Where would we be?