‪POETwitteRY 364‬

Grace under pressure

Is something that we’re missing

More loving kindness

More hugs & kissing

Love prologue


Not Demagogue



Disintegrate trust

Disinterested in the truth

Disgusting displays of power

Disinterred racist ugliness

Distinguished foreign leaders

Distinctive false statements

Disingenuous concern

Disastrous ten months

Discombobulate the masses

Disillusioned voters

Dishonest leadership

Distasteful statements about immigrants

And others

Distrust in the truth

Dissolution of representative discourse

Dissipation of values and morality

Distancing myself

As much as

Disparate thoughts allow


The chief deranger

is a clear and present danger

and a big part

of why it gets stranger

everywhere, every day

in every way

Please, we must insist

on getting back

what we’ve missed

as the list

grows longer and longer

Missing leadership with grace,

where followers place

space in their hearts

and do their parts

helping others start


Isn’t that what you

and I should do

Where we can work to renew

this nation, our citizenry

back into

a world’s who’s who

‪POETwitteRY 304‬

I have no joy in rhyming, creating verse about so many who suffer again today by our combined apathy. We do nothing, and watch this happen again and again. 273 times in 274 days this year. The only nation where this happens over and over again. We can change this. We need to stop hiding behind the second amendment. We need to stop supporting elected representatives who won’t make reasonable changes to our laws.

Crying alone in the dark

Again after a maniac on a lark

Uses his right

Under cover of night

Slay anyone

Bullet receipt


100217 Perspective – Mine

I am fucking angry and angry is not enough, fucking heartbroken and being heartbroken isn’t enough, fucking sick and tired of it and that’s not enough.

When is it going to stop? Together how can we affect the change? What can anyone do about it?

The answer lies in so many places. The answer is to get those that are elected to represent us out of office if they continue to do nothing. The answer is to elect people who can affect the change. The answer is constant, wholesale non-violent protest and pressure on your representatives.

Some gun control legislation makes sense.

The motive for this egregious horror does not matter. The fact that this man had what appears to have been automatic weapons is what matters.

The time IS now to talk about changes in gun control laws. Sara Huckabee Sanders is dead wrong in saying she and the president don’t think the time is now. If it’s not now when should we wait? In between this tragedy and the next one sure to come in the days, weeks, or months following?

The white gun lobby, the NRA, our elected representatives are all cowards. No one’s asking to take your right to possess a firearm away.

However, there is no reason on this earth for anyone to own an automatic in the United States or anywhere for that matter. These are solely designed to kill and maim as many HUMAN BEINGS as quickly as possible.

How many more will it take before we force the change to happen? Will it have to be more children? More senior citizens? Will it need to be larger collection of government representatives slaughtered all at once or like Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords and Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise?

This is an ongoing National Tragedy. It is even more tragic when you consider that our citizens don’t have a right to health care be do have a right to purchase automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

We need to make it stop!