Two Limericks for Where My Head Is

Deadly Limerick

The AR-15 was built with but one intent

The bodies its bullets they rent

Civilian use can’t explain

Why those bullets still rain

Into children, to school society sent

Will More?

How many more innocents need die

Before we have no tears left to cry

We must speak up to fight

You really need this “right”

To own the AR-15, tell me why?

Working my way through this latest tragedy. I sure hope we can stop saying that. I am moved by the young people of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the passion to create change.


‪My word‬

My word is my bond

What we can go on

Not just some triviality

Handshake for contract

Not to later retract

This is a true morality

I hope as we proceed

More will adopt this indeed

& not further culture’s amorality

Let’s all take a stand

Find an integrity man

And protect the US of A

‪POETwitteRY 424‬

The naming ends

Labels, do offend

They can portend

The fear in men;

Of the loss of power

So, instead they scour

For reasons by the hour

To make some cower,

Begin to fear

Others far, or near

Know it’s never been clearer

The need to keep our nation’s

Values nearer

This is the last day for this naming convention I’ve concocted. I used it to keep me motivated to write daily at least one poem. I just apparently realized that writing for 424 consecutive days must mean I’ve anchored the practice into my daily routine. I’ve decided naming poems mor aptly, or not is where I’ll go from here. Thanks for your continued reading of my writing. Peace and love and light to all.

Nothing There

There is nothing to write about

Because there is nothing there

No one to talk to there

Because what they preach

Won’t take us anywhere

Nothing to think about

As their thoughts provoke no


How did we get to this place

Feelings are only sinking

‪POETwitteRY 422‬

A little bit anxious

and wanting to hide.

What have we come to,

where is our pride?

Where is the truth,

who’s in our side?

There is no real discourse,

it’s us versus them.

Will unfortunate history

repeat here, again?

I will hope, pray, fight

For what is right.

I hope my anxiety and concern are merely foolishness and that what is just and within our laws will prevail. I’d rather not have these concerns but it looks like I’ll need to have my fears and concerns disproven.

‪POETwitteRY 416‬

But I don’t want it

I know what you mean

Make good decisions

There’s no in between

Letting things go

Focuses you in

Sight of all that

Leads you to win

There’ll be mistakes

Challenges too

Keep driving on forward

The best thing to do

‪POETwitteRY 409‬

There is a fine line


creating beautiful

previously unimagined


but also

and unfortunately

about the unintended

(or maybe intended)


of boorish behavior

And yet he persists……

What is above is my poem for today. The number 409 in the title makes me think fondly of the song 409 by The Beach Boys. Just what is needed to counter the tragic dichotomy of what’s in the poem.

“They come from shithole countries each day.”

“Why do we have to let them,” he’ll say.

Trump said it out loud

In front of a crowd

Why can’t we just just ship him away?