Limerick #4 031318

They poisoned the Skirpals in Salisbury

Those Russian countermeasures are so very

Ruthless and bold

In a war growing cold

It seems Tillerson was not Trump’s right emissary.



‪POETwitteRY 424‬

The naming ends

Labels, do offend

They can portend

The fear in men;

Of the loss of power

So, instead they scour

For reasons by the hour

To make some cower,

Begin to fear

Others far, or near

Know it’s never been clearer

The need to keep our nation’s

Values nearer

This is the last day for this naming convention I’ve concocted. I used it to keep me motivated to write daily at least one poem. I just apparently realized that writing for 424 consecutive days must mean I’ve anchored the practice into my daily routine. I’ve decided naming poems mor aptly, or not is where I’ll go from here. Thanks for your continued reading of my writing. Peace and love and light to all.

Nothing There

There is nothing to write about

Because there is nothing there

No one to talk to there

Because what they preach

Won’t take us anywhere

Nothing to think about

As their thoughts provoke no


How did we get to this place

Feelings are only sinking

‪POETwitteRY 422‬

A little bit anxious

and wanting to hide.

What have we come to,

where is our pride?

Where is the truth,

who’s in our side?

There is no real discourse,

it’s us versus them.

Will unfortunate history

repeat here, again?

I will hope, pray, fight

For what is right.

I hope my anxiety and concern are merely foolishness and that what is just and within our laws will prevail. I’d rather not have these concerns but it looks like I’ll need to have my fears and concerns disproven.

‪POETwitteRY 420‬

For what?

I’m not

full of rot.

I’ve got

a lot

of what

is not


No knot

in my gut.

I’m not


with something I caught

or ought

to have bought.

Let’s garrotte

this onslaught

of ugliness wrought

by those without


instead start

a Love


‪POETwitteRY 418‬

New incredulity

Nearly every day

No longer surprising

In any way

When will things

Return to the norm?

And how will the idea

Ever be re-formed?

Are these lies,

fabrications, or worse;

Statements created

Democracy’s curse?

POETwitteRY 417‬

‪Needing support‬

‪From within and without‬

‪Giving support‬

‪What it’s about‬

‪Receiving support‬

‪There’s not much better‬

‪Whether kind words,‬

‪A hug, or a letter‬

‪Helping your fellow‬

‪Sentient beings‬

‪Not shying away, ‬

‪Withdrawing, fleeing‬

‪Supporting the other‬

‪Is truly seeing‬

This is inspired by a friend’s post last night.

‪POETwitteRY 416‬

But I don’t want it

I know what you mean

Make good decisions

There’s no in between

Letting things go

Focuses you in

Sight of all that

Leads you to win

There’ll be mistakes

Challenges too

Keep driving on forward

The best thing to do