Missing word, have you seen it?

A word is now missing, from our English vernacular.

A quite regular word, nothing spectacular.

It didn’t get lost, just dropped by the wayside.

A verb or noun, now associated with false pride.

Now perhaps you are thinking, of what word does he write?

I almost shudder to say it, for it now gives me fright.

As a verb it means to outrank or defeat

As a noun from a card game some play so sweet

Have you got it down yet, no, of course it’s departed

from our collective psyches, now don’t get me started.

This word, it didn’t just suddenly disappear

It’s disappearance has taken just over a year.

There were asses and elephants as part of this circus.

Then we all began to understand just what a jerk is.

As the year progressed, it was down to just two,

what is her name and you know who.

Sadly that Brooklyn guy was left out unfairly,

aren’t these races fair, no actually quite rarely?

Here we are now in twenty seventeen,

so many among us know what I mean.

So while we’d like to forget this missing verb or noun

there are times to use the word of only  plain renown.

We can surely avoid it, if we truly must

As a surname it’s one we cannot trust.

And so this word, soon to speak again with glee

My hope is soon, the name attached will go out of history.


The Mind

Here I sit, broken-hearted

Thinking of it, can’t get started

Delayed by things, out of my control

The phone rings, another poll

Distracted by, this and that

My third eye, focused on cats

Wherever we go, up or down

That which we know, won’t let us drown

We try to keep our heads afloat

Fall asleep, gently rocking boat

Today as ever, yang and yin

Never say never, just begin