Magnificent Love

There is some magnificence

In long lasting love

And also some beneficence

That’s surely from above

She caught my eye with her allure

As I looked across to her

But as well, she did demure

How did the bond occur

How could she in her quiet strength

Captivate my heart

When I went to such great lengths

Not acting very smart

Well as we know, sometimes opposites

Do attract each other

She became my opiate

And later magnificent Mother

One cannot know, every event

That lead us to this place

But I do know, each moment

Has given us this grace

Confidante, partner, friend,

Lover, foil, spouse

We’ll run this course, to the end

Our Love has made this house

So on this date, our twenty-eighth

Let nothing tear asunder

We’ve thrived on so much more than faith

Starting with rain and thunder

I’ll forever profess, a love undying

You are Of my heart

Let there be, no denying

No thing will keep us apart


A Brush With

Each day we have a #BRUSH

with our destiny

one that will BeRUSHed by

by most of us

Stop and brush your bare feet

across the tender blades of grass

Brush your nose across delicate

flowers for their fragrance

Brush your hands across the hand of another to feel the bond of humanity


Earth Day

Earth Day and beyond

I will always dream on

This rock floating in space

Our only place

For us to take up space

As sentient beings

No place for fleeing


To get away from all we screw


Some ask, “what can we do?”

“Better,” I say

Each and every day

Photo taken 12/26/68 by Lunar Module Pilot

William Anders, Apollo 8 Mission

Poem 041718

Hard to believe

That what you receive

You must be open to first

Don’t be deceived

Rather, relieved

You’re not living under a curse

Be open to thoughts

Broader than oughts

That widen all your horizons

For what your mind has caught

Is collated and brought

Forward from a wise one

Thank You Neil

“Emergent truth”

Is Science



Proven or not

Helping those open to see

We do learn a lot

Those denying the facts

Are merely scared hacks

Launching attacks

And now watching their backs

Fearful that proven realities

Exposes their amoralities

This is inspired by a podcast by Neil deGrasse Tyson that I was listening to yesterday where he said the words in quotes above.

‪POETwitteRY 412‬


More than time

For time is only a concept

More than enough

For enough isn’t




E n o u g h

More than me

For within me

There is always room for



More than love

For with love







Can BE

For Terry

We see with our eyes

We see in our minds

What we envision

Arrives just in time

Pictures at the exhibition

Picture this

In your mind’s eye

You create bliss

You have vision seeing

What’s before you now

You have vision seeing

The future somehow

Seeing is believing

But believe what you see

We’re all of the same makeup


Words of Light

Will follow

Won’t follow

Every word said sounds hollow

Platitudes are weak

Why even speak

It’s the same as turning the other cheek

How about words of kindness

Problem-solving too

With so many in pain

It’s what we need to do

Lets live the life intended

Not one prematurely endedIf we as followers don’t

Then they as leaders won’t

Lead us to demise

Rather than the light

In others’ eyes

Putting This Aside

All politics aside

How do we thrive

Stay alive inside

No hide

Or claim

I’m beside


Hiding on a shelf

Like the that little red elf



It’ll all go away

We can stay out of the fray


And everyday

Then we say

I’m better than them

I don’t hate Muslim

But that’s all you do

Then you say phew

That got me off the hook

I can turn away, not look






Fight through

Do what you can do



Help all humans



Be alive