Missing You

Miss you already

Before I’ve had the chance

Miss you deeply

Even in advance

Miss you forever

Forever and a day

Miss your near presence

In each and every way

Miss being near you

You’re not near enough

Miss your familiar touch

I know we’ll all hang tough

Miss you ‘til we’re together again

I know that will come soon

Miss your kind compassion

Our feelings for each other

Always over the moon


For Kristen and Connor, and Michael, and André

I cried yesterday

At least three times

So did another very dear friend

The finest kind

She wasn’t our daughter

But that of another

Catching our tenderness by surprise

Just like no other

Those moments come upon us

Seemingly out of the blue

No they aren’t unexpected really

They come from our love for you

I write this poem at four in the morning

Awake but for the glow

Hoping this piece captures

The love for someone you know

Magnificent Love

There is some magnificence

In long lasting love

And also some beneficence

That’s surely from above

She caught my eye with her allure

As I looked across to her

But as well, she did demure

How did the bond occur

How could she in her quiet strength

Captivate my heart

When I went to such great lengths

Not acting very smart

Well as we know, sometimes opposites

Do attract each other

She became my opiate

And later magnificent Mother

One cannot know, every event

That lead us to this place

But I do know, each moment

Has given us this grace

Confidante, partner, friend,

Lover, foil, spouse

We’ll run this course, to the end

Our Love has made this house

So on this date, our twenty-eighth

Let nothing tear asunder

We’ve thrived on so much more than faith

Starting with rain and thunder

I’ll forever profess, a love undying

You are Of my heart

Let there be, no denying

No thing will keep us apart


A House divided cannot stand

My House is a rock, an honest man

This House is a home

Better than most any other

This House is one

Just like a brother

This House is strong

To stand the test of time

The relationship long

Foundational, never on the line

In this House I sometimes seek shelter

Emotions shared, never to swelter

In this House, not alone but together

The most egregious storm,

Easy to weather

Another First

Last night was the first night in almost twenty-four years that we slept in our house and no one else would regularly be here for months at a time. This is a weird thing to think about. Walking past both of the other rooms with their doors closed knowing there is no one in them. I have to admit being a bit melancholy and confused. I am also intrigued by the possibilities this creates for us and excited for him.

For sure we’ll all find our ways. Together and by ourselves. Just as I still miss her inquisitive challenges that have helped me grow to the man and father I am. I’ll miss his compassion and empathy shared daily with us. This fine, developing young man, who still kisses his parents goodnight – every night. What a gift they both have been and continue to be.

I’ve long said that life’s greatest teachers are our children. I believe it even more today. Thank you to daughter and to son for what you’ve given us. Joy, fear, trials, tribulations, wonderment, new learning, diverse interests, love, and most importantly, a strong sense of purpose.

Thank you for all that has been, and all that is yet to be discovered. I love you with all my being.

Precious time

But mostly just being
With brother and his bride
Working toward a year married
We working on 28
Both remarkable in their making
Time together is
Creating new bonds
New loves
New interests
New beginnings
Cape Cod
Precious time
Grateful for
This life