I started, then stopped

Erased what I had written

Not smitten

Was I

I stopped, then thought

Elated I write it down

Didn’t drown

Out why

I continued, persevered

Sated, I don’t cease

This piece

Of my




E very

L ove

O pportunity

Q uells

U nrest,

E ntering

N ew

T erritory

‪In the Space‬

In the space of a moment

A heart beat happened

A heart stopped

Love was created

In the space between

A period was written

A declaration made

My heart’s intentions conveyed

In the space after

A lifetime shared

New lives created

Adding to multiply

Beautiful life

I’ll Sit Awhile

I’ll sit with you awhile

To just be…

With you

I’ll sit awhile

To just be….

With myself

I’ll sit awhile

To just be…

One with the universe

I’ll sit awhile

To just be…

And know that

I am with you


Those things,

They are numinous

They are myriad

And numerous

Surrounding me, my home, my loves

Those are things numinous

They come from above

Large trees are numinous

Radiant beauty appears luminous

Ancient architecture is certainly numinous

Those who project hate and fear

Are ruinous

Culture and nature

Man made and not

Are among the numinous

From which we’ve got

All the good that

Is our Lot