Has perversity


Even dignity

It cannot be

Changed, history

But we

Can change destiny



Or hastily

So we can




Cat walking 062717

In my meditation this morning

I waited, delayed closing my eyes

As I started

In my soft, looking focus

I saw a cat walking down the lane

Given that I was sitting at a floor to ceiling window

I tracked, the cat walked, then stopped

Turned its head left toward me

We locked eyes


Like when you see someone lovely

And don’t want them to know that

You are interested in

Knowing more

Knowing them more

Touching their skin

Feeling that light


Hum of energy

There is beauty

In being in the moment

Every moment

We only have


Today is the day

Today is the day

The time is almost now

The next step in life

We got here how?

The boy is moving

On, forward, ahead

Looking at opportunity

No feelings of dread

It took much work to get here

Time many hold dear

Future's wide open

Growth drawing near

It's important to be

Who you're meant to be

Still you'll learn and you'll grow

To be a new someone to know

Your empathy is a legacy

One important to feed

As there are many you'll meet

Who have such great need

So keep on strengthening

This quality you give

Spreading your love

To all those that live

Your hugs are, also desired

With them, many are inspired

In closing these words

Know that this much is true

We are so very, very proud, of you

Keep moving along

Growing your brain

You'll go many places

By boat, train or plane

Go forth with gladness,

Happiness, glee

We love you to the moon and back

Mom, sister, and me. 


Up before sunrise

Watching the sky slowly change colors

Watching the trees’ greens light up

Take on different and ever-changing hues

Up before sunrise

Thinking about all the madness

And goodness in the world

I have my opinions

Mood nuanced by my upbringing,

my community, my friends

Sometime green with envy

Sometimes blue with sadness

Sometime black with fear and rage

Everything is colored

By our visual perception

By our mental perspectives

By waves of energy

My world, my reality is colored

“With hope of loving you” and you

And you

Therapy 022217

Therapy, where would we be without therapy?

I know what you’re thinking and it could be that.

But it isn’t necessarily what I’m thinking but it could be that.

I am an Occupational Therapist, since 1991

A profession which has brought me so much fun

And challenges and love and compassion

Meeting and caring for new patients

and sometimes just clashing

But mostly connecting, learning about their life,

their livelihood, their passion their health status

what they fashioned

To make themselves who they are up to the present

Sometimes their afflictions are what they resent.

So in closing, I could be nowhere without this profession

Grateful to have discovered and used my discretion

Joyful Noise 050117

He makes joyful noises

by writing what he’s thinking

and what he’s feeling.

Keep making joyful noises,

says I.

Keep making joyful noises,

says many.

Billl, a joyful noise maker,

sharing his life, his heart, his struggles, his love

his cancer, yes his cancer concerns with those who

love and care for him.

Joining in this journey with Billl

is a gift, a treasure to behold and

to learn from.

Joyful noises should be heard, must be heard. 

Billl shouts his and for that I am more. 

I am better, more whole, more full. 

Make your joyful noises for all to hear. 

Billl, I hear yours and now I hear more of others’.

And my own. Thanks

Hate turns to discourse 030917

I ate hate and

Spit it out

Not on a plate

But out beyond the gate

of the rubbish pile

To sit for a while

And mix and blend

Composting in the end

With all the other ingredients

Making up the elements 


To eliminate the very


That we started with

And turned it into

A window

Of opportunity

This is what reasoned discourse

Is to me

Of course