‪Humble Curiosity‬

I am humbly curious

For how we’ve come to this

This point in time

Of fearfulness

And ugliness

And distress

What a mess

But I am willing to hear

Some other address

How we can coalesce

To return to the best

For you, me,

All humanity

Let us see

How good we can



Coughing Fit (A Gift)

The unfortunate thing

Is being awake at 4AM

Not by design


At least

Not one of mine


Now I have time

I wouldn’t have



To forge new words

Into being something

They wouldn’t have been


Forming a thought

Into Poetry

SCOTUS Limerick # 2

‪Kennedy’s news and a Muslim ban back to back‬

‪The Freedoms we all hold dear under attack‬

‪Those opposed must protest together‬

‪In this growing storm of bad weather‬

‪To keep the deck from being more stacked ‬

I Dream

I dream that

The anguish goes away

Love will win the day

We will find a way

To completely allay

The fears

Of the Browns the Blacks

And of the Queers

The not-like-me

Across present history

Of every human who has suffered


That the


Will find humility

Release, Surcease

Was a time when Twain wrote for

“Surcease of sorrow”

Do I do the same

I do indeed to keep

Sane – expressing myself

Letting it out

Intentions known

Hopefully fair and feeling

Not unbridled ugliness

For the sake of it

But to get out of my head

Those feelings

That grow in me


Do Humanity

I wept on the way to work today

Hearing the latest news.

Thinking, is there any way

To survive these humanity blues?

At times I’d like to turn it off

No longer listen, or watch, or read.

But then I might just miss or scoff

On knowing what humanity needs.

So I’ll stay connected

In my own way.

Be a humanity fan,

And where necessary,

Keep protected

Every human being human.

Us Not Them

Wait, wait, wait

Don’t be late

It’d be great

If we could debate

You know

Hold the phone

Let’s change the tone

Go the source

For reasoned discourse

Of course

Instead of

You know, the game

Of placing blame

On the “other” side

So ours can hide

From responsibility

Where TOGETHER only WE

Can be


Shaping OUR society

This Important Portmanteau

Juneteenth, today

A portmanteau

Two plus years delayed

For those needing to know

The Emancipation Proclamation

Was signed January 1, 1863

Yet there were still

Slaves in our nation

In Galveston on June 19, 1865

When they found out they now

Had new possibilities to thrive

There were many obfuscators then

There are many present here and now again

Hiding the truth to keep false power

Is the present the time that’ll end their hour

Those who treasure humans being

Must fervently protest what they’re seeing

Only unity can resist this scourge

Help our society disengorge

Then support the rising of those of us

Toward whom a powerful few show disgust

We are but one humanity

So must come together to avoid further calamity.

Undoing Tedium

In the face of boredom

Create, you’ll get more done

When struck with idleness

Think of how to do more, not less

Wish to be without ennui

Seek to explore new territory

Suffering with lassitude

Take a meditation interlude

Feeling in a state of languor

Knock to open some new doors