Today is the day

Today is the day

The time is almost now

The next step in life

We got here how?

The boy is moving

On, forward, ahead

Looking at opportunity

No feelings of dread

It took much work to get here

Time many hold dear

Future's wide open

Growth drawing near

It's important to be

Who you're meant to be

Still you'll learn and you'll grow

To be a new someone to know

Your empathy is a legacy

One important to feed

As there are many you'll meet

Who have such great need

So keep on strengthening

This quality you give

Spreading your love

To all those that live

Your hugs are, also desired

With them, many are inspired

In closing these words

Know that this much is true

We are so very, very proud, of you

Keep moving along

Growing your brain

You'll go many places

By boat, train or plane

Go forth with gladness,

Happiness, glee

We love you to the moon and back

Mom, sister, and me. 

What water does 030617 0730 hrs


Standing by the sea is always soothing to my soul

Whether it is foaming and rough or placid and smooth

Any time there and any sea or mostly any body of water will do

But mostly it is the oceans, especially at sunrise

You see, I am a product of the east, the Atlantic in my memories

Embodied in my soul, my every cell, the core of my being

All the movement, as well as the tranquility work to sooth the soul

my soul.

I think it does for many if not most

Being in it works as well, but just being near is most important.

Bodies of water change you. Lake Michigan changed me, the Atlantic changed me, and continues to do so.

I am fairly certain spending time on or very near any body of water will do so.

It’s been several months, and it’s time to reconnect with all those feelings.

I need it now and forever more.