Love for you

Love for all

It is upon love

We rise and fall

Loving you

Loving me

With purest love

There’s dignity


Not Only Naive

I’ve begun to delete

Thoughts replete

About our current situation

I cannot stand

For I want no hand

In ruining our great nation

It is with regret

I’ll no longer let

Them ruin my elation

I must try to be

The truest me

And use my imagination

For how to repair

Love, nation, air

And our once fine reputation

I’ll now take my leave

A quite fine reprieve

But with no indignation

I look toward the skies

Hoping we will all rise

Restoring us to our foundation

A melting pot

For those who have, and not

Let love be the culmination

A Renewed Dawning

I seek to be inspired

Not mired


Not tired.

No instead I aspire

to raise higher

and higher,

removing the ire

I at times get

from every liar

and crier

that some admire.

I perspire,

staying out of the crossfire

to retire

those who conspire

to acquire

the entire


Yet I’ll continue as a spitfire

holding the feet of those

most do not desire

to the fire

so that the entire

compassionate citizenry does not tire

and instead preaches to the choir.

That we are the rectifiers

and fortifiers

creating force multipliers

so that the next occupiers

of government that we hire


to be purifiers,


and magnifiers


dignity for all.

I Dream

I dream that

The anguish goes away

Love will win the day

We will find a way

To completely allay

The fears

Of the Browns the Blacks

And of the Queers

The not-like-me

Across present history

Of every human who has suffered


That the


Will find humility

Do Humanity

I wept on the way to work today

Hearing the latest news.

Thinking, is there any way

To survive these humanity blues?

At times I’d like to turn it off

No longer listen, or watch, or read.

But then I might just miss or scoff

On knowing what humanity needs.

So I’ll stay connected

In my own way.

Be a humanity fan,

And where necessary,

Keep protected

Every human being human.

Us Not Them

Wait, wait, wait

Don’t be late

It’d be great

If we could debate

You know

Hold the phone

Let’s change the tone

Go the source

For reasoned discourse

Of course

Instead of

You know, the game

Of placing blame

On the “other” side

So ours can hide

From responsibility

Where TOGETHER only WE

Can be


Shaping OUR society

SHS notes, “the Bible says laws, we must follow.”

US law says tear families apart, and they wallow

In fear for their kids

For the wrongs that ICE did

These abominations leave real humans hollow



You Can Do It

Community improves

By you improving it

Turn it to gold

Sometimes from shit

Start with you

Always do

Then don’t just start to vent

Instead find good citizens

And compliment,

Recognize publicly for good deeds

Let others know how they’ve

Met our needs

This is a way

To turn things around

And make things better

In every town

My World Is Love

My world

Contains torrents of love

Spread to the ends

Enveloping the


In warm heavy mist

Covering the ground

Like the desert alive with blooms

After that rare quenching rain

Love is the air

I photosynthesize

A life from

Not A Dream

If I am having a dream

I’d want it to better for all

If I create my reality

For all, great and small

I’d want it to be beautiful

And just

I’d want the real reality –

I must

Insist on equality and justice

For all

Not those qualities for just us

Behind a wall