Across the nation

How do we ration

To rebuild relations

Improving others' stations

Moving en masse toward exultation

We are



Who are we?

"Three cheers for the red, white and blue."

But is that true for every white, black brown, Muslim, Christian, Jew,


Make no mistake

It IS for me

With every breath I take

I am thankful for who I get to be

easy destiny?

But where does that leave us?

No seat on the bus?

We do need to, we must

Travel together

One family,

One community,

Coming together

In understanding,






With dignity,

To be

"One Nation



Has perversity


Even dignity

It cannot be

Changed, history

But we

Can change destiny



Or hastily

So we can





Up before sunrise

Watching the sky slowly change colors

Watching the trees’ greens light up

Take on different and ever-changing hues

Up before sunrise

Thinking about all the madness

And goodness in the world

I have my opinions

Mood nuanced by my upbringing,

my community, my friends

Sometime green with envy

Sometimes blue with sadness

Sometime black with fear and rage

Everything is colored

By our visual perception

By our mental perspectives

By waves of energy

My world, my reality is colored

“With hope of loving you” and you

And you

Angela and Christopher – May 21, 2017

Angela and Christopher met in high school, early on
Years ago, safe to say, they didn’t get along
As some would note they didn’t share a lot of like
But to be certain, once 18, they together were psyched
Finally connecting just after graduating
They started that thing, called courting,
more familiarly dating.
Early on in this relationship there was nothing hurtful
Christopher thought Angela should dearly like all things colored purple.
He won things, he bought things, trinkets galore
Purple turned out to be something Angela did abhor.
Little did he know then, Angela hated that colorful shade
“Oh boy,” was likely his comment to himself, “I thought I had it made.”
In reflecting now, Angela notes, “It’s the thought that counts,”
Christopher may have wondered, “Will I get bounced?”
At 21, lo only a few years just passed
Angela and Christopher got married, the ride to the future,
now fully gassed.
The honeymoon, in fact camping, obviously next
Unstaked tent, wind, and rain, no, they weren’t hexed!
Everything, including them was soaked to the core,
yet little could they know the wonderment in store.
While Christopher finished college, music a focus
Angela worked two jobs, there was no hokus pokus.
Magic didn’t make the two as one to move forward,
no, it was plain love and hard work that helped them move toward
the life they’ve created, the business, but family first
creating their dreams without hunger or thirst.
Three beautiful, charming, bright daughters they did create
with the Lord’s good graces across 9,125 days.
That’s 25 years for those trying to figure,
they raised Emily, Rachel, and Carly with vigor.
Says Angela, we enjoy sports, Red Sox games and MMA
Christopher, from what I’ve heard might remark, “what did she say?”
That is a story for another poem, or….. not
We are nearing the terminus of this poetic plot.
When queried, Angela noted that most importantly
his first friend in the area was a woman, Natalie.
She too was my first long ago connection,
to Christopher and family  with whom we have such deep affection.
Back to Nat, as she’s known and she importantly introduced them
to Apostle Jim and Catherine a spiritual bond was produced then.
This is the story for this family now living here
Our lives all are more fulfilled for them being near.
So let’s finish this up, just say end writing like this
and celebrate 25 great years of Marital Bliss!

Run rain

Run rain

Run sun

Run for fun or

Under the gun

Run snow

Run cold

Never run weak

Always run bold

Run fast

Run slow

If you think you’re running

You are, go, go, go

Run hot

Run wet

It isn’t time

to stop yet

Run fartleks

Run Galloway

But be sure to run


Run today

Run tomorrow

Run for joy

Run for sorrow

Run til you heart’s


or beating really fast

Get off the couch

Move your ass!