Tears or Tears

Tears of sadness

Tears of joy

Tears for the madness

Tears for being


Tears can signal the best there’s been

Tears can tear apart the love we’ve seen

The tears at the fabric of our society

Bring tears of expanding anxiety


Who Needs These?

Such reverence for the second amendment

NRA, “Don’t take my right to slaughter armaments.”

The NRA will continue to defend

Owning these killing devices to the end

I support those for disarmament

‪The Heart‬

The heart,

in love,

is the strongest,

most vital thing

in the universe

At once flexible,

resilient, and as solid

as anything ever was

With love, the heart

entwines with others

to form an impenetrable bond

Let its strength and vitality


For Gail and the world

‪Saving Grace‬

Your saving grace

The one who helped you save face

Who gave sage counsel

Who gives it to you straight

Who reigns you in

When trouble you’re getting in

How to return the favor,

Making your offering

Something to savor

Be a someone

Keep the other

From coming undone

‪In the Space‬

In the space of a moment

A heart beat happened

A heart stopped

Love was created

In the space between

A period was written

A declaration made

My heart’s intentions conveyed

In the space after

A lifetime shared

New lives created

Adding to multiply

Beautiful life

‪Here We Are‬

Wherever you go

There you are

Your mind will take you


Near and far

Whoever you become

That’s who to be

So be kind and honest

How you treat them and me

And in the end

Wherever we went

Spreading love

Is the best things

We’ve sent

I love you

By far

Here we are


This is a response to the weekly Micropoetry response. The word is hashtag SENSE. I enjoy being prompted to think off the cuff, which is how most of my poetry comes into being. This is slightly different in that there is a specific prompt to create from. Hope and Peace.

What’s the #SENSE of:










Humanity requires each

Of us

Doesn’t that



You(r) Will

You will persevere, succeed through

Your will

You will become the you that you desire by

Your will

You will create your own reality through

Your will

You will because of your will

She Has Always Known

She reaches out

Pulls it near.

Hugging gratitude close to her heart.

She moves lightly and with joy,

Dancing with gratitude.

For gratitude is the best partner now.

Life being good for so many reasons.

There has been so much for which;

To dance for,

To hug closely for,

To be grateful for,

Everything in this life has had magnificence to offer.

Bringing her to this magical present.

This is the only way to get here.