POETwitteRY 273






All need love


Love now


Every human & animal


Our home, Earth




‪PoeTwittery 272‬


Humanity is best

Helping others

While getting no rest

Hoping, lessons learned

Trust in each other

Rightly earned

Another First

Last night was the first night in almost twenty-four years that we slept in our house and no one else would regularly be here for months at a time. This is a weird thing to think about. Walking past both of the other rooms with their doors closed knowing there is no one in them. I have to admit being a bit melancholy and confused. I am also intrigued by the possibilities this creates for us and excited for him.

For sure we’ll all find our ways. Together and by ourselves. Just as I still miss her inquisitive challenges that have helped me grow to the man and father I am. I’ll miss his compassion and empathy shared daily with us. This fine, developing young man, who still kisses his parents goodnight – every night. What a gift they both have been and continue to be.

I’ve long said that life’s greatest teachers are our children. I believe it even more today. Thank you to daughter and to son for what you’ve given us. Joy, fear, trials, tribulations, wonderment, new learning, diverse interests, love, and most importantly, a strong sense of purpose.

Thank you for all that has been, and all that is yet to be discovered. I love you with all my being.




Climate change

Continues to be.


Or so they named thee

Creating great uncertainty.

Attention paid

No, best plans laid,

Open and wrecked, devastated

To placate the monied, the power hungry,

And those related

“Give me your tired, your poor”

So our inept in charge can shut the door

Keeping the disadvantaged

under the spell

Not even realizing

their living hell

Whether it is keeping them together

In neighborhoods, low-lying in bad weather

Or financially oppressed

In a tight chain or tether

We who care must be heard

Be obsessed

Without violence

Voices heard loudly


Above the din of silence