Cat walking 062717

In my meditation this morning

I waited, delayed closing my eyes

As I started

In my soft, looking focus

I saw a cat walking down the lane

Given that I was sitting at a floor to ceiling window

I tracked, the cat walked, then stopped

Turned its head left toward me

We locked eyes


Like when you see someone lovely

And don’t want them to know that

You are interested in

Knowing more

Knowing them more

Touching their skin

Feeling that light


Hum of energy

There is beauty

In being in the moment

Every moment

We only have




the lies

as he she and you and me tries

to form allies

and stop the children and the mother who cries

tears in her eyes

as she tries

and tries

AND tries

To realize her reach for the skies

Showing to her childrens eyes


To meditate helps 

Mediate your own hate

Keep you from getting irate

Or from letting something grate

At you or your fate

Meditation can give 


To new 

Thoughts and spaces

Keeps your mind from

The races

As it learns new paces

To go to new places

Mantras of love,

Peace, light, and healing

Can be so revealing

Create harmony,


As this is the only place

For our


Today is the day

Today is the day

The time is almost now

The next step in life

We got here how?

The boy is moving

On, forward, ahead

Looking at opportunity

No feelings of dread

It took much work to get here

Time many hold dear

Future's wide open

Growth drawing near

It's important to be

Who you're meant to be

Still you'll learn and you'll grow

To be a new someone to know

Your empathy is a legacy

One important to feed

As there are many you'll meet

Who have such great need

So keep on strengthening

This quality you give

Spreading your love

To all those that live

Your hugs are, also desired

With them, many are inspired

In closing these words

Know that this much is true

We are so very, very proud, of you

Keep moving along

Growing your brain

You'll go many places

By boat, train or plane

Go forth with gladness,

Happiness, glee

We love you to the moon and back

Mom, sister, and me. 

The Boy

Séamus came as the third

But only by birth

Baby boy was the word

A new one on Earth

Curly hair and blonde hued

So handsome to see

Perpetual good mood

And just happy to BE

Now about to move on to next steps

His life up to now

Getting ready and prepped

From Mom, Dad, and Caitlyn too

We have the only best wishes for you

Congratulations on this next milestone

We support your endeavors, you’re never



Terry’s toodles

Are a bit like noodles

That interweave with

Neurons and axons

Of white Anglo-Saxons

And those not like him

And even some who’re Muslim

Or Buddhist, Rastafarian,


Even contrarian

Write for me

Or more for yourself

Write what’s right for you

and someone else

Keep writing poetry,

Prose, toodles and more

Stimulating those axons, neurons

And more


Up before sunrise

Watching the sky slowly change colors

Watching the trees’ greens light up

Take on different and ever-changing hues

Up before sunrise

Thinking about all the madness

And goodness in the world

I have my opinions

Mood nuanced by my upbringing,

my community, my friends

Sometime green with envy

Sometimes blue with sadness

Sometime black with fear and rage

Everything is colored

By our visual perception

By our mental perspectives

By waves of energy

My world, my reality is colored

“With hope of loving you” and you

And you