Twenty-seven (for us)

The hummingbird hums as it flies by

So too do we on this anniversary

Spring brings renewal and growth

As does this day each year

When we celebrate our vows

Rains come

Strengthening and lenthening

The roots of the trees

So to for the roots of our marriage

There is growing light

As spring moves toward summer

Just as the light gets brighter

When we attend to each other

With reflection and reverence

Just as the bond between water

And new growth cannot be broken

Neither can that which binds us

Renewed love

Honoring all that only we could

Create together

Happy Anniversary


Death and dying

Death and dying why are we crying

Death from life cleft by knife

Leave or cleave

Maybe bereaved

Must let go

Can lead us to grow

Bereft or circumspect

I reject that you collect

These memories only of what was

Forgetting instead what is still yet

To be

You, me, we

Continue until the end

Then for others, the cycle

Begins again.

Spicey 012417

Sean Spicer

Spiced it up

KellyAnn Conway

Wants to con us, every one

“Sometimes we can disagree with facts,” says he.

“Hmmmm,” says I.

Methinks that facts are facts

Especially when proven irrefutable

“..he is using  alternative facts,” says she.

I remark to myself, in my own little mind,

“aren’t those lies?”



Maintaining positivity

And light and decorum

Do so even though

You may not be, for him

I am trying to maintain

A clearer heart and head

For without the attempts to do so

I will default to dread

I wish him only well

And success for all OUR land

But please much smarter people

Lead him by the hand

Also, pray if you are so inclined

That experience and support

Will lead to more refined

Laws and not resort-

ing Decisions about us all

And about that damn wall

If we band together

There’s a better chance we’ll weather

The storms of hate and fear

That none of us want near

So stand up for each person

With whom you interact

Show them attention and interest

Even those sharing “Alternative facts”

The moral of this short po em

Is we all must try much more

To create peace and harmony

From mountains, plains and shores.

Manchester – May 23, 2017

son of a bitch is one way

when responding to news of the day

22 innocent lives lost

59 other injured, at what cost

why take any of this to such a level

it would be simple to blame it on the devil

if you subscribe to any of that perspective

here is a different directive:

Love is the way

The only way today

The only way to say

This is how we transcend

Bringing to an end

Those who feel the only recourse

Is not reasoned discourse

But blowing up whomever

Instead of pulling the lever

to make choices, choosing love

of life

above promulgating strife

Missing word, have you seen it?

A word is now missing, from our English vernacular.

A quite regular word, nothing spectacular.

It didn’t get lost, just dropped by the wayside.

A verb or noun, now associated with false pride.

Now perhaps you are thinking, of what word does he write?

I almost shudder to say it, for it now gives me fright.

As a verb it means to outrank or defeat

As a noun from a card game some play so sweet

Have you got it down yet, no, of course it’s departed

from our collective psyches, now don’t get me started.

This word, it didn’t just suddenly disappear

It’s disappearance has taken just over a year.

There were asses and elephants as part of this circus.

Then we all began to understand just what a jerk is.

As the year progressed, it was down to just two,

what is her name and you know who.

Sadly that Brooklyn guy was left out unfairly,

aren’t these races fair, no actually quite rarely?

Here we are now in twenty seventeen,

so many among us know what I mean.

So while we’d like to forget this missing verb or noun

there are times to use the word of only  plain renown.

We can surely avoid it, if we truly must

As a surname it’s one we cannot trust.

And so this word, soon to speak again with glee

My hope is soon, the name attached will go out of history.


Angela and Christopher – May 21, 2017

Angela and Christopher met in high school, early on
Years ago, safe to say, they didn’t get along
As some would note they didn’t share a lot of like
But to be certain, once 18, they together were psyched
Finally connecting just after graduating
They started that thing, called courting,
more familiarly dating.
Early on in this relationship there was nothing hurtful
Christopher thought Angela should dearly like all things colored purple.
He won things, he bought things, trinkets galore
Purple turned out to be something Angela did abhor.
Little did he know then, Angela hated that colorful shade
“Oh boy,” was likely his comment to himself, “I thought I had it made.”
In reflecting now, Angela notes, “It’s the thought that counts,”
Christopher may have wondered, “Will I get bounced?”
At 21, lo only a few years just passed
Angela and Christopher got married, the ride to the future,
now fully gassed.
The honeymoon, in fact camping, obviously next
Unstaked tent, wind, and rain, no, they weren’t hexed!
Everything, including them was soaked to the core,
yet little could they know the wonderment in store.
While Christopher finished college, music a focus
Angela worked two jobs, there was no hokus pokus.
Magic didn’t make the two as one to move forward,
no, it was plain love and hard work that helped them move toward
the life they’ve created, the business, but family first
creating their dreams without hunger or thirst.
Three beautiful, charming, bright daughters they did create
with the Lord’s good graces across 9,125 days.
That’s 25 years for those trying to figure,
they raised Emily, Rachel, and Carly with vigor.
Says Angela, we enjoy sports, Red Sox games and MMA
Christopher, from what I’ve heard might remark, “what did she say?”
That is a story for another poem, or….. not
We are nearing the terminus of this poetic plot.
When queried, Angela noted that most importantly
his first friend in the area was a woman, Natalie.
She too was my first long ago connection,
to Christopher and family  with whom we have such deep affection.
Back to Nat, as she’s known and she importantly introduced them
to Apostle Jim and Catherine a spiritual bond was produced then.
This is the story for this family now living here
Our lives all are more fulfilled for them being near.
So let’s finish this up, just say end writing like this
and celebrate 25 great years of Marital Bliss!


Casting the light, how the sun recovers from night

Casting aspersions, bring fear and fright

Casting a line, need now, in this time

Casting players, for all the world’s stage

Without stable actors, nothing but rage

Casting doubt, no morals forsooth

Casting shadows, no, need truth