Our Volunteers

We have them out the wazoo

Without them

We couldn’t, do what we do

Hundreds of them

Give us innumerable hours

What do they have?

Extraordinary powers

They walk, talk, deliver,

Provide solace 

They have grace, panache

And yes, even polish

Our organization is, as good as it is

Because our volunteers give such service

What a gift they bring,

To our community

Helping promote goodwill,

Health and unity

So if you haven’t already done – so

Take the time to thank one – go!

Our volunteers, much like the plant variety

Send out new roots,

Enhancing society

So, bringing an end to these lines of poetry

Without each one of YOU

Where would we be?


Rap2 041317

My name is Donald Trump and ima pain in the rump

and I’m gonna take this country straight to the dump

Like a pain in the ass, my garbage killin all the grass

and accomplishments of past, putting dials up the masts of all the Rich class

So they can sail in the winds of change out of the range of the middle and poor classes – so strange

Right to line their pockets and poke out your eye sockets

while the swamp gets drained and we all get trained to look the other way

and then we’ll all rue the day as they say what they say

spooning out diversions so we’ll look the other way

his tweets are strategy hey hey

But all us people we won’t play that cuz we cannot let this Orange crap be the big rat trap

that puts us flat on our back no we’re gonna load up our packs with the whips that will crack

the world back awake as we start to take us back to a seat at the table setting the plate for being able

To step up to the batters box and have recourse for those old white sly foxes who think we’re dumb as oxes we’re not just sitting back watching clicks tick tock’sin

It’s work we gotta be doing holding ourselves and all you true in keeping the resistance

so they can’t cast those looks askance thinkin’ they still have the chance to continue to do the dance in our graves as we sit back and take it


That ain’t sittin right with me and with you it shouldn’t be

so there’s no return to strange fruit hanging in a tree letting alt right Steve B guide Trump thru history taking us back in reality where we already used to be


Hate turns to discourse 030917

I ate hate and

Spit it out

Not on a plate

But out beyond the gate

of the rubbish pile

To sit for a while

And mix and blend

Composting in the end

With all the other ingredients

Making up the elements 


To eliminate the very


That we started with

And turned it into

A window

Of opportunity

This is what reasoned discourse

Is to me

Of course