The Mind

Here I sit, broken-hearted

Thinking of it, can’t get started

Delayed by things, out of my control

The phone rings, another poll

Distracted by, this and that

My third eye, focused on cats

Wherever we go, up or down

That which we know, won’t let us drown

We try to keep our heads afloat

Fall asleep, gently rocking boat

Today as ever, yang and yin

Never say never, just begin


A Wall or to Understand 031917

A wall short or tall

Is not for any of us, not at all

After all, on Lady Liberty it is written

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and, they were smitten 

My ancestors and yours too

Came looking for a new life 

For they themselves and each future you

Save for those that the white Europeans decimated

We all started elsewhere, where our histories were created

“There but for the grace of God go I”

Does apply

To every you, him, her, me, and I

There are so many stories, versions of how

We came to be, where our country is now

But, is this the right path?

And how would we know?

Without, searching, and asking, talking – to grow

To understand your viewpoint, and mine, and some other’s as well

So that we can grow, metamorphose, have our perspectives swell

Becoming new comprehensions

Reducing the tensions

Not defending these false pretensions

That neighbors are better

But for fences

No there are better ways

To strengthen our nation

So that we will have

Such great jubilation

We’ll come together sooner or later, we must

To figure this out, each other to trust

Or bust

And rust

To fade back into the earth’s crust

But it is not time for our country’s demise

This tumult, these divisions will help us to rise

And once again come together to be all that

And more

Our trust in each other, we will restore

Let us sit together, dialogue, listen, break bread

Find out what makes us tick, remove all the dread

That that one is right, no I am, not you

Is this really the best that each of us can do?

Enough of this preaching, more reaching, and teaching

Collaborate, meditate, mediate, potentiate, celebrate, make us great

All are welcome here

Waiting   031817

It’s that time of night

The kid still working

Or maybe already in his way home

Thankfully the weather is good

No trouble with the roads


For safe return

Confirmation that sleep is in order

Not fretting about, wondering should I, should we

Be concerned?


Yes, no

I don’t know

Stop thinking ther could be a reason

For coming home later than expected

It was just busy tonight

He forgot to call, to text

Nothing to worry about

He’s earning, learning about

Work, taKing care of himself for the future

Just got the call, 11:40 pm, later than usual

He’s on the way

Almost time for slumber

Thankful for love 

The Reason 031817

The reason for anything

Is whatever you think

 And when you do

It has to sink


The reason behind it all

That which makes you fall

Or get up again, one more time

It comes from within

Or from some place unknown

But it strengthens you, me, whomever

To be more than at the present moment

And much more than in the past

It helps us last

Into the future that we don’t yet have and may never

We only have today so we are then more now

At the same time we can be more than we are now


By thinking it

We become what we think about

And without thought we are nothing

There is nothing, we are nothing without thinking it so

Think, be, do

One day for sure

Krista Tippett tweet

“One day for sure”

There’ll be room for more

Krista Tippett tweeted the first

And this opened the door

To experience the thirst

For knowledge –

What we receive 

When playing attention throughout life

Being about being human

Being about love

Being about connections

Being about





To understand

That’s what

Opens the door


“One day for sure.”

What water does 030617 0730 hrs


Standing by the sea is always soothing to my soul

Whether it is foaming and rough or placid and smooth

Any time there and any sea or mostly any body of water will do

But mostly it is the oceans, especially at sunrise

You see, I am a product of the east, the Atlantic in my memories

Embodied in my soul, my every cell, the core of my being

All the movement, as well as the tranquility work to sooth the soul

my soul.

I think it does for many if not most

Being in it works as well, but just being near is most important.

Bodies of water change you. Lake Michigan changed me, the Atlantic changed me, and continues to do so.

I am fairly certain spending time on or very near any body of water will do so.

It’s been several months, and it’s time to reconnect with all those feelings.

I need it now and forever more.

Time       030517 2115 hrs

Time immemoriam

Time is immaterial 

Time is eternal

Time is of the essence

Time is only a concept

Yet time is ticking away

The time is now

Time only goes back

Yet, “The time has come….”

As there’s no time like the present

Isn’t it time?


To do something?

Time waits for no one

Better take the time now

It’s the only time you’ll ever have


Crying is strength

Crying is weakness

Crying is power

Crying is love

And hate

Crying is release

Crying is


Crying brings tears

Of sadness and of joy

Both are good, important, cathartic

Expressive and important

Don’t hide from the need to,

The desire to


Just cry

Let it happen

You wil then be more

More whole,

More relaxed

More understood

By yourself and others