push through 022017

The human collective

is not defective

if we use our collective

abilities to be reflective

about those we’ve elected

and what we’ve erected

to be mindlessly deflected.

We try to be connected

and show we’ve respected

different perspectives

and not be rejected

or rejecting of others’

own points of view

so that you and I too

can broaden our view

and when we do

it’s just like on cue

that we knew what we knew

about him, me, and you.

But sometimes it’s true

we don’t have a clue

or we follow our crew

into the deep blue

abyss of our sheltered beliefs

where we expect relief

or to be ensheathed

in our own protective shield.

We must work to yield

to experts in their field

so that we can all yield

to actual true facts

and not scornful acts

that threaten to crack

the brittle veneer

hiding the sneer

of the one hoping for fear

in those we hold dear

but in keeping them near

we can make it clear

we aim to press on

thru many more dawns.




Peaceful Thoughts…..and New Beginnings 022017

Peaceful thoughts and new beginnings

Focusing here can lead us to winning

A new day starts well before sunrise

But as the earth turns so light the skies

Having peaceful intent focused on love

Keeping the wavelengths gliding above

These sentiments are the underpinnings

For all humankind – new beginnings

More or Less 021717

More or less 

Is like probably so

Or most likely

But not definitively no

Like a fifty percent chance

Of rain or snow

Maybe it’ll happen

But we just don’t know

So, if you try

To fix this hot mess

You will likely accomplish it

More or less

Dancing      021617

So today I thought about dancing

Reminiscing about the effort and skill

Put in by my partner

Almost by cunning, but also by will

Being wily and smart

Choreographing with foresight

Making beautiful Art

Even with someone so not connected

To start

How to move gracefully

And playing that part

Confidence growing

Right from the start

Grateful to work with my talented 

partner in dance

Thanks to DWTRS for taking the chance. 

Make a life. 021517

Make a life

However you define it

Align it and once you design it

Sign it

It is yours to make after all

Make it as you see fit

For all to experience 

Throughout all your days

Make it treasured

But not particularly measured

Make it memorable

Make it work for you and others

Make it favorable

And better than just tolerable

Live that life, honorable

Designed to enhance all of humanity

And not for calamity

Use the force

To positively,

And unfailingly

Adjust the course

Of all of life