Trump said in Helsinki, “I meant to say wouldn’t.”

But with Putin standing by he just couldn’t

In our agencies, my trust is long,

But I like singing Vladimir’s song

Continuing to trust, let’s just say we shouldn’t.


‪Dreams of Future‬

Thankful my dreams are not of this

They are deeper, kinder

Dreams that bring me to comfort

And love

Not to anguish and fear

They are of those dear to me

And clear to me

For a beautiful future

Of which we will see

Limerick 071718

There was something afoul in Helsinki

Trump’s strings being pulled by Putin – quite stinky

Donnie’s Vlad’s puppet for sure

And maybe even his whore

Putting a black mark on sex workers’ integrity




There’s a reason

Those who can’t see on

The face of it

All the obvious bullshit

Yet he wants to split

With allies now foes

Who knows where this goes

We are in the throes now

Of a president who kowtows

To his puppet master

Whom our agencies identified faster

As meddling in our sovereignty

But the purported man of pee pee

Has no actual dignity

Or ability to lead

We all should take heed

Lest our nation’s bleeding be

The last drops of democracy

Your soul

Would you #bare

It to me

Would you share it with me

I will bare mine

So you can see

My heart is pure

May our entwined souls

Ever endure


Stepping up

Stepping forward

Saying something

Moving toward

That which needs

To be corrected

Preventing goodness

From being rejected

We all hail from

The same cosmic dust

The time has come

To place our trust

In putting forth

Love and dignity

It’s what will save

Our humanity


We repeat what we know

The only way to change

And learn

And grow

Is to interrupt

The #cycle

Step outside

This changes the course

Of your



All of humanity

With love

For sanity

Removing inanity

And calamity

Let’s cozy up